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Bathroom Sink Drain Repair – How to Unclog without Using Chemicals

Whenever you get down to carry out bathroom cleaning, you probably clean the sink, floor, toilet mirrors, tubs etc. However, most people forget to clean the pipe which drains the water and ultimately will lead to the needs of  bathroom sink drain repair works. With all impurities, hair and soap scum flowing down the drain pipe, the pipe often gets clogged.

Super Plumber experts has laid down some tips to help you take care of the clogged pipe drains to ensure it remains unclogged or clearing it, if it gets clogged without using chemicals –


Listed below  are some of  the tips;

  • For basic sink drain cleaning, you can simply mix baking soda and some vinegar. Pour it liberally down the drain. The mixture produces a lot of carbon dioxide air bubbles which scrubs the insides of the pipe well. Again, the air expands into the pipe and the force and pressure created by it, automatically pushes any blockages or clogs down the pipe.
  • Pouring some bacterial cleaners can be good since they easily break down the fats and other ginks present in the drain pipes.
  • Using air cleaners which force air against the water are highly effective in unclogging the drain pipes completely.

For further advice or any help required  in bathroom sink drain repair, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts right away. We guarantee complete satisfaction.

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