Washing Machine Plumbing

Basic Plumbing Washing Machine Problems

A washing machine is almost mandatory equipment in every household so it’s normal that plumbing washing machine problem   will arise from time to time.  The most common problem arising in it is that it either stops spinning mid cycle or the water drain from the machine gets clogged and you are left in a cumbersome state. washing machine Given the situation, the following tips may prove to be handy –

  • Foremost, the location of the blockage of the machine needs to be identified by setting the program to spin only or drain only. Then the drain hose should be located and held unto. The machine should now be turned on. By any chance, if the sink connection is the one blocked, then the drain hose may expand You can then remove the hose and clear all deposits and debris from it. If the problem does not get resolved, you can try the next step.
  • Try listening for any humming sound, which comes from the pump. If it is blocked, you must disconnect the machine from the mains and try opening the machine from back and then cleaning the pump. However this requires an expertise and should not be done by any novice.

Faced with it, give us call at Super Plumber on an urgent basis so that we can resolve the problem quickly and efficiently for you.

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