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A kitchen sink plumbing repair is one of the most common services simply because the sink tends to rot out quickly. Due to it kitchen sink installation is as much sought as sink repairs which can encompass leaks, poor function or slow and leaking drainage. No matter what the problem is, the sink can be easily restored with our superb services for better performance and no damage to adjoining areas.

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Few of the most common kitchen sink repair problems involves –

  • Clogged Sink – Since the kitchen sink is continually subjected to food particles leftover, it is natural that they flow down the drain and they often cause clogging. Even if the pipes do not get completely clogged, they are partially blocked and the water starts seeping down slowly. For optimum functioning, it is always recommended to lush kitchen pipes every couple of months.
  • Leaks – Since quite a bit of soaps and harsh chemicals flow down the kitchen sink, it is natural that it is most prone to leaks.
  • Installation – The kitchen sink is the plumbing unit that requires most reinstallation because it suffers maximum abuse.

If you require any of the above services, get in touch with Super Plumber immediately. We will provide you with the best professional sink plumbing repair services at the most competitive prices.

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