Plumbing Repair Services

Plumbing Repair Services

Leaky pipes and faucets not only get your water bills up but also create a muddy stinking mess in your house which is nothing less than a catastrophe. However, trust us to take care of all your plumbing disasters. Irrespective whether it is night time, weekend or a peak holiday seasons, our crew and customer representative are just a phone call away to gear into action. Same day service is also available to take care of emergency problems. Backed by vast experienced and latest expertise and equipment, they provide diverse plumbing repair services which include routine checking and repairing drips or leaks to more critical problems like pipe and drain repair to fixtures.


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Without making assumptions or jumping to conclusions, our technicians at initial stage accurately diagnose and then rectify your plumbing leak repair or sink plumbing repair problem. Super Plumber personalized tips is not to procrastinate resolving the problem or prevent reoccurrence of the problem and these are something which forever receives the customer’s appreciation.

Apart from being distinguished for punctuality, repairs in the shortest possible turnaround time and straightforward economical pricing, we offer a continual preventive maintenance programs to ensure that any problem is nipped in the bud. We are confident of making you a satisfied customer once you have sampled our services. Prioritize and get in touch with our representatives. We are waiting for your call.

"Affordable Plumbing Works from RM45, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee"

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General Pipe Plumbingfrom RM 45
Toilet Plumbingfrom RM 50
Residential Plumbing Installationfrom RM 50
Wash Water Tankfrom RM200