Carpentry Contractors in KL & Selangor

We are carpentry contractors offering customized woodwork solution for home and office

As carpentry contractors, we work in different types of job which is usually spread into different phases,    including:

  • Structural work of making door frames, the floor and the wall
  • Kitchen fitting, floor boards, skirting boards and even the doors
  • Any decorative woodwork such as partition
  • Cabinets and storage area

Custom carpentry services allow you to decide for size, shapes and space that you want to include in your space and it is also advisable because we are always there to help you in deciding what’s best for your home.  In addition,  you are able to choose type of material to be used based on the function and budget that is available.

Carpentry Services provided are:

carpentry flooringResidential Carpentry Services

Residential carpenters are known to be an all-around carpenter with experience with every part of residential construction. They usually install flooring, windows, doors, roofing, cabinetry and more.


Commercial Carpentry Services

Commercial carpenters work with larger buildings than the usual size of our homes, and we often use different materials than what we usually see within our household.  These areas are more suceptible to public access so we will suggest to use a tougher woods and more protective edges the These carpenters work on grocery stores, schools and other commercial buildings.


Carpentry workInterior Carpentry Services

Our mission is to do the work of making the interiors aesthetically pleasing and beautiful for a more comfortable and efficient use of space.


Exterior Carpentry Services

We work more on the exterior look of the place which is more about the paint and color pay-off.  Areas that need exterior works are front yard deck,  patio,  awning, garden gazebo, handrails and more.

Why choose us as your carpentry contractor?

We believe at Super Plumber that the customer is our best asset, we aim to build long-term relationships with all our customers built upon our affordable high-quality services.

Quality Service

We pride ourselves on always aiming and providing high-quality service that meets the customer’s needs and expectations.


Qualified Technicians

All our employees are qualified and well trained contractors, so rest assured you will be confident that we will provide the highest standard in what we are doing.



We have decades of experience in handyman works which makes us qualified to do all the work you need doing.

Reasonable Price

We offer competitive and reasonable prices for all the work we do, and even if you have a limited budget we can come to an agreement that caters to your needs and expectations.

Steps to hire carpentry contractors

1. The first step is to fill in the inquiry form on our website, alternatively, you can contact us through the email or phone number we have provided on our website.

2. Next, we will get in contact with you to arrange a date and time to meet to go through the work required and review it for ourselves.

3. Finally, we send you our quote which will consist of how many hours we expect the project to take and the total price.

How is price of carpentry services determined?

The price of carpentry services provided by Super Plumber depends on

1. Types of wood, laminate, handles, hinges,  accessories to be used

2. Square foot of the project

3. Amount of customization vs standard size items

4. Special requests