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Common Kitchen Sink Drain Repair Problems and the Solutions

Kitchen sinks are most susceptible to almost every conceivable plumbing problem. While it’s true that seeking professional help for maintenance as well as kitchen sink drain repair is the best; sometimes, costly professional service for a diagnosis or repair can be avoided.

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Just having some simple checking and simple maintenance, which almost every homeowner can carry out by themselves. Such as the following:

  • Often kitchen sink faucets start giving a low water pressure problem. If both your cold and how water lines are giving the same problem, then most properly, the problem source is aerator, the device that mixes air and water. Due to calcium and other deposits, the aerator passage becomes narrowed. The problem can be easily fixed by unscrewing the aerator, cleaning out the debris and deposits and replacing it back
  • A slow draining sink is another common problem arising due to accumulation of debris and hair over a period of time. The problem can be easily fixed by cleaning out the debris. ‘Zip-it’ is terrific plumbing tool to help clean out the drains. An alternative idea is to remove the pop-up which is held just below the sink with a nut attached to the drain. It can be easily unscrewed either by using a wrench, a plier or even using hands. Clean it and reinstall it back will solve the problem.

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While you can take care of the minor problems, it is strongly advised that prioritize an appointment with us to ensure that these minor problems do not turn into major catastrophes. Our expert technicians at Super Plumber are just a phone call away!

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