M&E Contractors in KL & Selangor

M&E in construction work refers to mechanical and electrical systems. They help fix anything involving mechanical and electrics from escalators, freezers to lighting and security systems. Every modern building requires the services of M&E contractors but by hiring experienced and knowledgeable company you will, in the long run, save yourself time and money as all the work we carry out is to the highest standard.


Here at Super Plumber, we service all kinds of properties from hostels, condominiums to detached houses to name a few examples. Whatever your needs are we are 100% confident that we will be able to meet your expectations.

M&E services provided are:

– Fridge and Freezer installations, repair and maintenance

– Escalator installations, repair, and maintenance

– Lift installations, repair, and maintenance

– Commercial Water Heater Fixing, Upgrades and Regular Maintenance

– Maintaining alarm systems

– Ventilation system installation, repair, and maintenance

– Lighting system installation, repair, and maintenance

– Heating system installation, repair, and maintenance

– Dishwasher Repairs and Plumbing

– Swimming Pool Maintenance and Plumbing

– Any other M&E services that are not listed above, please contact us and enquire, we will more than happy to help.

Why choose us as your M&E contractor?

We believe at Super Plumber that the customer is our best asset, we aim to build long-term relationships with all our customers built upon our affordable high-quality services.

Quality Service

We pride ourselves on always aiming and providing high-quality service that meets the customer’s needs and expectations.


Qualified Technicians

All our employees are qualified and certified M&E contractors, so rest assured you will be confident that we are trained to the highest standard in what we are doing.



We have decades of experience in mechanical, plumbing and electrical works which makes us qualified to do all the work you need doing.

Reasonable Price

We offer competitive and reasonable prices for all the work we do, and even if you have a limited budget we can come to an agreement that caters to your needs and expectations.

Steps to hire M&E contractors

1. The first step is to fill in the inquiry form on our website, alternatively, you can contact us through the email or phone number we have provided on our website.

2. Next, we will get in contact with you to arrange a date and time to meet to go through the work required and review it for ourselves.

3. Finally, we send you our quote which will consist of how many hours we expect the project to take and the total price.

How is price of M&E services determined? 

There are a few factors that come into play that help us decide the final price we charge here for any job we undertake.

The complexity of the project 

The difficulty of the job will raise the price as the more complex it is the more experienced employees it will require and more hours it will take to complete

The equipment needed 

It will depend if we need any hard to get equipment to carry out the project

Cost of materials 

For some jobs such as plumbing it will be required to buy materials such as cement and tiles to be used to patch things up after the plumbing work has been completed.

The location 

The amount of traveling required to get to the job will also be taken into account