Washing Machine Plumbing

Washing Machine Plumbing Installation Guide and Tips

For smooth and flawless functioning, the washing machine plumbing installation has to be absolutely correct. Any misfit or misguided move here can prove very costly for your machine and land you with various problems. Examples are  clogged pipes, smelly clothes, flooding in the bathroom etc.

washing machine

To ensure that it gives a satisfactory performance, few tips should be kept in mind –

  • The installation should not happen at a place where freezing temperatures may occur. This can cause damage to water carrying parts of the machine.
  • If the machine needs to be installed in a cabinet lineup or even flush to the wall, all instructions and dimensions provided in the machine manual must be strictly adhered to. As far as possible, concealed plumbing should be avoided since they make reaching water faucets really cumbersome.
  • The machine should be installed on a solid floor. If the floor is weak, it’s best to reinforce it by attaching a thick plywood sheet to it with the help of screws. The sheet must be large enough to accommodate the machine.

If it’s a simple fitting or one has ample experience in the installation process, one can do it by themselves. Otherwise do give us a call at Super Plumber. We are always available to advice you and provide the best service possible.


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