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Common Kitchen Sink Plumbing Repairing Problems House-owners Face

Although Kitchen plumbing problems are inevitable, they can be quite frustrating. If not checked on a regular basis, kitchen sink problems become a source of hefty bills and lot of inconvenience. The gurgling, clogging, or leaking of kitchen sink are signs of an impending catastrophe. Following are some of the common kitchen sink plumbing repair fixes required by people.

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  • A faucet leaking from the tip signals a worn O-ring.
  • A clogged aerator leads to a weak stream of water from the faucet. It is generally caused due to accumulation of minerals and other particles content of the water.
  • Garbage disposal is a result of human inventiveness. The kitchen sink can generally handle everything except, materials like grease, bones, and even potato peels. They lead to the jamming up of the entire system, sending owners into a spot of bother.
  • A clogged drain is one of the most common problems being faced. Over time, piling of debris impedes free flow of water through the drainage system. Pouring baking soda and vinegar, in equal amounts helps in breaking up the clog but it remains a temporary solution and can cause major complications in future.

Thus it’s best to get the kitchen sink plumbing repairing works done on time. Our customer service personnel at Super Plumber are more than happy to assist you in solving your Kitchen Sink problems.

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