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Selecting  the Best Bathtub Design for Bathtub Plumbing Installation.

Be it a tiring or a stressful day, nothing is as more soothing to the tired bones as a long and hot relaxing soak in the bathtub. Keeping various aspects in mind, there is a whole multitude of bathtub designs to select from.

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We would consider looking into the various bathtub designs from the easiest bathtub plumbing installation point of view –

  • Even before looking into designs, one needs to evaluate the bathroom. The bathroom size would foremost indicate on the size of the bathtub required. You never want a bathtub leaving no space to move about.
  • The bathtub should easily fit through the door of your bathroom. No point in selecting one which could not be carried into and to be installed in your bathroom  without tearing down the bathroom door and walls.
  • The bathroom floor needs to checked as well and may require reinforcement if is fragile.
  • Your installation options would be determined depending on if you decide   for a free standing tub, drop-in tubs, and alcove tubs, corner, unclad etc.
  • Positions of the shower, drains, motor placement etc. are other important considerations.
  • If one wants a candle or a flower shelf as well, it requires additional space.

To save all the hassles, it is best to call us and stating your specifications for example  taking the right size and type of bathtub. Do not hesitate to request for  advice to ensure lifelong satisfaction. We are looking forward to  your call.

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