Toilet Plumbing

Common Toilet Plumbing Problems and Solutions

No house can be imagined without a toilet. Hence it’s quite natural that toilet plumbing problems keep cropping on and off in the house. However, one can easily adapt at resolving. Here are the two common toilet plumbing problems and solutions to combat them –

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  • Nearly all problems for toilet are concentrated at the toilet tank and flush. Sometimes a hissing sound due to the slow flow of water comes through as water fills in the tank. This could be due to a partially closed shut off valve. Opening it completely can eliminate the problem.
  • The tank may exhibit ‘Phantom Flush’, i.e. the tank begins to spontaneously fill itself even when no flushing has taken place. Reasons for it can be a snail pace leak into the bowl from the tank or a bad flapper and bad flapper seat. Fixing the flapper or replacing it fixes the problem.

While the above problems are easy to solve, there can be some complex clogs or leaky seals which may not be as easy to address and cure. In such situation, it is best to prioritize an appointment with local credible and reputable plumber like Super Plumber to fix the issue.  Contact us at Super Plumber  to know further details of our top notch services.

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