Frequently Asked Questions

Your Frequent Plumbing Questions:

How do you charge for your services?
The charges for the plumbing services shall depend on the amount of works that is needed to be carried out. The charge will be slightly higher for example if the repair works involves hacking of floors or walls. You shall be informed of the extend of services required and the chargeable amount. Before commencement of the plumbing services the amount must be agreeable between the two parties.
Do you provide services on Public Holidays and over the weekend.
Yes we provide our services on Public Holidays and over the weekend especially for those on emergency cases and immediate repair works
Do you provide services at night?
We could only provide emergency cases at night as our manpower is limited.
Is transportation being charged to the customer ?
Transportation fee is inclusive. The amount shall depend on the distance, any items to be transported and time when the plumbing services is required to be carried out. The rates shall range from RM30 to RM70.
Do you provide warranty for the repair works that you carry out?
Prior to commencement of the repair works we shall inform you of the warranty period. Under the normal condition and in most cases the warranty is up to 90 days but also depending on the existing condition of the fittings and the amount of repair works that has to be carried out. However, for our service to install equipment such as water heater or water pump warranty for the equipment shall be according to the manufacturer’s warranty and terms of condition when purchasing the equipment. Our guarantee shall only be for installation.
For installation of fittings or others related to installation is it advisable for the customer to buy the items themselves before getting the service of installation by the plumber?
The customer is free to buy the fittings or equipment first before engaging a plumber. However, it is advisable and best to consult us first to avoid problems or wastage. Problems may arise due to wrong sizing, capacity or constraint in space for installation or it is not suitable for the plumbing system. Another alternative is to consult us for recommendation or request us to source for the fittings or equipment prior to installation. However, we shall need know the budget that the customer is willing to spend for purchasing the items.
Is there any restriction if we were to change, reschedule or cancel our appointment.
We are quite flexible if there is any changes. However, changes of appointment, reschedule or cancellation is made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time. We could not accommodate any changes of appointment at the last minute especially when our plumbers are on the way or have arrived at your venue. We had no choice but to charge for the transportation fee and other expenses if it is related to the purchase of parts for the said services. However,  we shall place our considerations for cases such as death or emergency cases which could not be avoided.