Water Heater Plumbing

Common Problems Requiring Water Heater Repairs

Water heaters are today an essential item in almost every household for a comfortable and convenient everyday lifestyle. Being an item that is used every day, need of water heater repairs can crop up more often than not.


Some of the common issues requiring repairs can be –

  • The water tank of the traditional heater might be producing unusual noises.
  • Various kind of discoloration may occur.
  • The water that comes out is lukewarm and never gets heated adequately.
  • The heater does not produce adequate amount of hot water.
  • The heater oozes out unpleasant smells and odor.
  • The temperature of the hot water produced may be of an extreme nature. This might be due to the malfunctioning of the heating elements inside the water heater.
  • For any gas water heater, dirty or sooty flames come out of the gas burner.
  • The temperature pressure relief (TPR) valve of the storage water heater has malfunctioned and the heater starts leaking from the heater.

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