Competitive Pricing

Plumbers Price Range in Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Johor and Selangor

Our plumbing services are highly competitive but it would be incorrect to generalise our prices to a standard rate as they normally depend on the scope of works, materials, distance and case to case basis. However, below is a typical rough guide for some of our basic plumbing services in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor.

Residential Repair Works

(without major hacking or digging works)

Pipe leakagefrom RM200-350
Pipes/faucet could not be shut off properly and water dripping continuously (depend on complexity of problem)from RM45-400
Replacing pvc pipe depending on length (per metre)from RM65-200
Toilet bowl blockagefrom RM65-450
Toilet bowl not flushing properly (depend on problem example flush broken,float not working or overflow etc.)from RM50-380
Sink cloggedfrom RM250
Replacement of toilet floatfrom RM50-100
Bad odour for drain pipe from floor (Depend on extend of problem)from RM65-500
Rectifying or repair water heaterdepend on type
Leaking of drain pipe in floors (to detect and rectify )depend on extent of leakage
Replace bathroom sink (supplied by plumber)from RM320-500
Replace kitchen sink (supplied by plumber)from RM150-300
Replacing of pipes/faucet(pipe supplied by plumber)from RM120-300
Replace water cistern (depending on type and size)from RM500-800
Hot water pipe leakingfrom RM100-200
Water leaking to lower floors(detect problem only, repair works and cost to be agreed with customer)from RM65-200
Leakage in the walls ( Depend extend of problem)from RM500
Wash water tank(Depend on size)from RM200-300

Installation of Works

(Items are provided by customer. If the items to be supplied by plumber, customer will need to agree on the brand and price of items and it will reflect a different costing)

Installation of full set sink or bath tubfrom RM150-480
Installation of Water Heaterdepend on type of water heater
Installation of hose from tap to washing machinefrom RM50-80
Installation of regular size fittingsRM50-70 per fittings
Installation of others such as water pump and etc (depend on brand & quality)from RM380

Emergency Works

(flood or pipe bursting and etc. immediate repair works) Price depend on time and extend of works (to be agreed by customer.

Commercial & Industrial

(maintenance or installation) Price based on mass quantity estimate

Project Basis

(maintenance or installation) Price depends on terms & condition specified by client.

Note: The prices are only for reference as it is subjected to change. Price will be confirmed at the time of service and it will be reflective of the current market price at the point of service provided. Please contact us if for quotes or call us for any emergency plumbing services.