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Understanding Various Types of Bathroom Sink Plumbing Installations

Undoubtedly, opting for a new bathroom sink plumbing installations can dramatically change the entire appearance, ambiance, functionality and feel of the bathroom. Being one of the most used rooms of any house, both comfort and functionality demands equal attention like the artistic design and appearance of the bathroom. A plethora of sink designs are available to choose from but it requires considerations as per your specific needs.

bathroom sink


Few common designs with their installation tips are as follows: –

  • If you wish to go for a vintage and classic look, Farmhouse sinks work best. With a wide front panel, they tend to drop down over the edge of the counter top and even jut out a bit. Such sinks normally require extensive installations.
  • For a spa like bathrooms, Vessel sinks are recommended. They sit on top of a surrounding counter top and required a skilled fitting.
  • Drop in sinks are fitted into the counter top easily with the help of a rim, extending around the edges of the basin from all sides. They are quite simple and easy to install.

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