Never Let Pipe Leakage Be A Major Problem

Plumbing problems sometimes are easily detected but due to our own negative attitude and at the initial start of pipe leakage, the leakage was considered very small or minute in size. We sometimes tend to ignore the problem and putting other activity or repair works as our priority

Most of the time, pipe leakage is not noticeable and not detected as the pipes are embedded in the walls or the pipeline runs through an enclosed area such as through the casing or built in furniture.


It is only when the walls become very damp, the furniture warping or our electrical appliances such as the television set, computer and etc. are suddenly in a pool of water. Then only we realise there is pipe leaking somewhere in the house.

Prompt and immediate request for the plumbing service at the initial stage of the leakage can save us a lot of money as the water leaking can be resolved immediately without damaging our electrical goods or other related fittings.

Plumbing preventive measures should be great to avoid massive plumbing problems and headaches.

Just imagine how much it will cost us, letting the problem to prolong or delay in calling a plumber. Not only we have to spend on the plumbing services, we need to spend on repair works for the damage items such as hire an electrician, a person to carry out computer repair, repair the built in furniture or wall, spend on repainting works and cleaning the house for dirt and debris of the damaged items.

Possibility of short circuit to happen in the electrical wiring is high if the wiring is affected and could expose us to greater danger if we are not careful.


No point regretting when all the items had been damaged by the water due to delay in repairing a pipe.

Therefore, the quotation “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – Benjamin Franklin” is unerring.


Plumbing preventive measures such as regular inspection quarterly or annualy carried out by a plumber should be of great help as we will definitely face less unexpected loss.